Atterley and Wenlock District Riding Club

Atterley & Wenlock District Riding Club Shows 2024 

26th May 

30th June 

28th July 

25th August 

29th September (Double Points Show) 


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Payments to Atterley Farm Livery

Account Number: 31484958

Sort Code: 40-13-24

All payments must be made in advance

Show Rules at the bottom of the page


We are also hosting many clinics and events please go to our facebook page for latest information!


Riding with Confidence Lessons - Sarah Reddihough 



Need help getting back in the saddle? Or just a general confidence boost? 

Riding with Confidence Lessons are tailor made to individual requirements, flatwork, polework or low level jumping with the main focus being on confidence and enjoying your horse

Contact us for more information



The committee, judges, officials and organisers reserve the right to ask anyone, who does not adhere to our rules and regulations, to leave the showground, at any point.

1. Hard hats of EN1384, PAS015, or prefixed with ASTM or SEI standard are strongly recommended.
A: Hard hats MUST be worn when mounted, with a correctly fitting, three-point chin-strap.
B: Competitors who do not adhere to these rules will be dismissed from their class.
2. It is recommended that body protectors of BETA standard 3 or above are worn, plus a show jacket/approved clothing.
3. Juniors are not to have obtained their 16th birthday by January 1st 2021
4. Please use designated warm-up areas.
5.  Horses MUST be under control at all times.
6.  Any horse known to kick MUST wear a red ribbon in their tails.
7.  No Stallions
8.  The committee reserve the right to refuse entry at any time. No refunds will be given on the day. Any refund request must be given in writing to the show secretary with the reason for the request, which will be put to the committee for consideration.
9.  The committee reserve the right to cancel, amalgamate or change any class without giving a reason.
10.  Excessive use of the whip or spurs or particularly rough handling will lead to dismissal from the class.
11.  The judge, in any class, reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone they consider not suitable for their mount.
12.  If there is any abuse of any judge or other person then that competitor or spectator will be asked to leave the showground.
13.  No horse can compete more than once in a class.
14.  Horses which have been in contact with an infectious disease must not attend any event. Current vaccination certificates and passports may be asked for.
15.  Children are to be supervised at all times.
16.  DOGS are NOT allowed.
17.  Do not drop litter on the showground and take any rubbish home with you, or place in the bins provided.
18.  Do not muck out horse boxes or trailers on the showground.
19.  No liability will be accepted by the committee or organisers for accidents, damage, injury or illness to any person, animal or property whatsoever.

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